Alucia Organics Certified Organic Refined Shea Butter 300ml


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Alucia Organics Certified Organic Refined Shea Butter is a luxurious and versatile skincare gem that embodies the very essence of nature's goodness. Our refined shea butter is carefully crafted to offer you a premium, pure product that's been expertly processed to meet the highest standards of quality.

What is Refined Shea Butter?

Refined shea butter is distinct from its unrefined or raw counterpart due to its refining process. The shea butter is extracted from the shea tree nuts in the same way, but refined shea butter then undergoes a filtering and purification process to remove impurities, resulting in a more uniform and smooth texture. This refinement ensures that our shea butter maintains its natural properties while being free from any unwanted elements. This also removes the strong smell characteristic of unrefined raw shea butter.

Skin Benefits: Alucia Organics Certified Organic Refined Shea Butter is an exquisite addition to your skincare regimen. It is a deeply moisturising, non-comedogenic, and lightweight formula, making it suitable for all skin types. Shea butter's high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids helps to nourish and hydrate the skin, promoting a youthful, supple complexion. It is also known to assist in soothing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Hair Benefits: Transform your hair care routine with the fortifying qualities of refined shea butter. Its conditioning and emollient properties help to manage frizz, restore shine, and repair damaged hair. Simply apply a small amount to your hair, focusing on the ends, for a revitalising treatment.

Nail Benefits: Nourish your nails and cuticles with the enriching power of shea butter. Massaging a dab of shea butter into your nails and cuticles can help prevent dryness and maintain healthy, strong nails.

Aromatherapy and Massage: Our Refined Shea Butter is also a wonderful companion for aromatherapy and massage therapy. Infuse your preferred essential oils into the butter, creating a fragrant and soothing massage balm. Its smooth texture allows for easy absorption, ensuring a deeply relaxing and hydrating experience during massages.

Directions for Use:

Skincare: Warm a small amount between your fingers and apply to your face or body, and gently massage until absorbed.

Haircare: Warm a pea-sized amount in your palms, then apply to damp or dry hair.

Nail and cuticle care: Massage a small quantity into the areas needing care.

Aromatherapy and Massage: Blend with your preferred essential oils and use as a soothing massage balm.

Skin type: Alucia Organics Certified Organic Refined Shea Butter is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and oily skin. Its texture ensures quick absorption, leaving your skin, hair, and nails nourished, without any greasy residue.

Elevate your skincare and self-care rituals with the luxurious purity of our Certified Organic Refined Shea Butter. Crafted with love and care, this product embodies the timeless tradition of shea butter's healing and rejuvenating qualities. 

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Butyrospermum Parkii Butter.